At 5D Tactical our business is selling AR kits and other custom-build equipment. But we like to step back sometimes, and take a look at what firearms do and how we think about them.

Armed Forces Day and VE Day are some of the most significant dates on the military calendar. They celebrate the freedom that our service members have always protected for us, and the sacrifices that it takes to get there. At 5D Tactical we understand and respect that service.

The Myth of the Soldier

There’s this myth of the soldier as some kind of perfect paragon. It’s not true. Just go up and ask one: They’ll tell you they’re human like anyone else. They screw up sometimes. They have their selfish moments. And they don’t always have the Star-Spangled Banner playing in their heads when they’re working on some God-forsaken piece of broken equipment in a 120-degree desert on two hours’ sleep.

But what they do is show up. They get the job done. They swallow their gripes and complete the mission. They protect their brothers and sisters. They give up years of their life, and sometimes far more. And their blood and sweat earns our flag another day to wave freely in a dangerous world.

That’s why we celebrate those in uniform. Not because a servicemember is some mythical perfect being, but because they’re not, yet they rise to the occasion anyway. At 5D Tactical, we thank you.

We’re proud of our AR kits, and we’re proud to offer AR discounts for veterans and current servicemembers. We’ll talk about that later in the post, but first let’s look at these holidays.

Armed Forces Day: May 19, 2018 (Third Saturday Each May)

A special operations soldier fires on a Taliban fighting position in the Sangin District area of Helmand Province. April 10, 2007.

Armed Forces Day celebrates those serving in uniform right now, in all branches of the military, working across the entire world on every continent and in every time zone.

We’ve been at war continuously since 2001—longer than we’ve been in existence selling our AR kits. A whole generation has grown up in the meanwhile. There are people graduating high school this year who weren’t even born on September 11.

It’s been a long season of war. And you wouldn’t know we’re at war from looking at American society: There’s no draft, no war bonds, no rationing, no victory gardens. The news doesn’t talk about war much, and the government and both parties are more interested in being seen by the public as “supporting the troops” than in actually supporting them with the resources and leadership they need. And, as many veterans know, when our troops come home they’re met with this mixture of shallow accolades, fear or contempt, and otherwise being completely ignored by society.

It’s not easy serving. Sure, the technology is fancier. The food is nicer. But the hours are still long, the pay still isn’t great, and there’s still a lot of hassle and bureaucracy. It’s still hard to come home. And it’s still a dangerous, often-thankless, always-stressful job that changes a person forever, for better and for worse.

Victory in Europe Day: May 8, 2018

Chow is served to American soldiers on their way to Belgium. January 13, 1945.

That’s why it’s so important to have holidays like VE Day, to also celebrate the why. It’s so easy to get lost in the weeds of sacrifice and endless toil, and lose sight of the big picture, the why. Well, here’s why:

On May 8, 1945, the Allied forces, led by America, accepted the unconditional surrender of the combined armed forces of Nazi Germany. Thus ended the deadliest military conflict in history and the most direct threat to democracy the modern world has ever faced.

Over 400,000 American servicemembers didn’t live to see the day, and over 600,000 came home in bandages. For reference, that’s about the entire populations of Lubbock, Cincinnati, and Boston combined.

Today, we are at peace with Germany, Italy, and Japan, and they are some of our strongest allies. That too is part of the why. We didn’t squander our troops’ sacrifices: We built the cornerstone of the free world upon their victory. At 5D Tactical, the AR kits we sell are for peacetime, leisure, and self-defense: not war.

But today there are other threats to our nation, no less dangerous than before, ranging from opportunistic and malevolent national governments to individual terror cells. May there never be another world war. Yet, whatever happens, our troops will be there to join the fray and preserve our liberty.

And so, again, we thank you.

10% Discount for Servicemembers and Veterans at 5D Tactical

Tactical glock pistol lower parts.

As a business, our way of showing thanks at 5D Tactical is through discounts: AR discounts, glock discounts, discounts on everything. That’s why we’re proud to offer a(n) X% discount off your entire order to all American veterans—no matter your age, shape, gender, color, religion, political persuasion, or opinions on good beer and barbecue.

Some vets come home and never want to touch a gun again, and we don’t hold it against them. But others want to keep their skills sharp, or go hunting with friends and family, or protect their homes, or simply enjoy working with the elegant machinery that is a modern firearm. And a few simply want something to hold onto, to remember a special, crazy time in their lives that will never come again.

No matter your reason for purchasing, we’re proud and humbled that you would choose our AR kits and other products.

You’re also eligible for the discount if you’re a current servicemember, or the spouse of a current servicemember or veteran.

To redeem our veterans’ discount, give us a call directly at (508) 834-4223 prior to completing your purchase. We’ll collect your information and apply the discount on our end.

There is no expiration date: Our veterans’ AR discounts are good for the foreseeable future.

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America has been around for a long time, and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Exercise your right to bear arms with 5D Tactical’s wide selection of products. We’re proud to have your patronage. Here’s hoping the upcoming holidays are good ones!

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