On Being a 5D Tactical Customer: Gun Rights, 5D Tactical Jigs and Kits, and Quality

Editor’s Note: A customer sent us some great thoughts about the state of Second Amendment freedoms in this country, and said some really nice things about our 5D Tactical jigs and other products, as well as the overall experience of being a 5D Tactical customer. We’d like to share what he wrote!

A few months back things started to get a little heated politically. After the Parkland, Florida shooting, everyone was unsure of what the next steps were in the firearms industry. Even now, as I sit here and write this, there are new laws being placed. They are restricting not only what types of firearms can be owned but also how to purchase them.

“Shall not be infringed” seems to be slowly becoming an option or an opinion rather than a God-given right. And that is no surprise. Certain parts of the country are becoming a hotbed for gun-grabbing lingo and firearms restrictions. Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, California, Michigan, and Illinois have been pushing weapons reform for decades. Now they aren’t just targeting firearms, but the kits used to build firearms at home.

Out of the “Blue”

Massachusetts is currently a beacon for weapon reform. Once being the center of American firearm production, the once-loved state for manufacturing is now a legal minefield. Yet, despite that, some businesses there still continue the centuries-old tradition of manufacturing firearms.

Along with them comes the companies that are producing the parts needed to manufacture at home. 5D Tactical is one of these companies. Poised in the cauldron of Second Amendment reform, they are standing strong and still providing the necessities.

The Company

5D Tactical started by producing 80% kits and jig systems. 5D Tactical jigs are revolutionary: highly sought after, and often copied by competitors. They hold strong in the 80% market and reach a group of people that hope to hold onto their God-given rights, as well as DIY’ers, and those who simply want to begin a project unlike any other. To me, 5D is a beacon of possibilities for those who are looking for a legal and effective option in gun-friendly states. They also provide possibilities in those areas which seek to eliminate and change the rights written out by the Founders.

In the past year the 5D has undergone a change. While their core product is the same they have expanded under the oversight of their owner and marketing manager. The bulk and core of their product sales are now 80% kits and jigs, and they have added both upper receivers and 80% pistol kits with proprietary and non-proprietary parts.

The AR Jig and Kit

The 80% 5D Tactical jig kits for the AR platform have led the way in innovation. While setup may cost more than many would assume, it sets up a user for the possibility of multiple builds on a more reasonable price, and without the government paperwork of finished firearms. It also provides the ability for a customer to do something themselves that not many would assume could be easily done. And, until recently, they were right: It couldn’t be easily done.

5D Tactical jigs changed that. These jig systems have transformed the ability to build a firearm. You don’t have to be a trained machinist. You can be any old homebody. Anyone can build their own AR with the jig system that 5D produces and designs. They have effectively discovered a way to use a wood router system to mill a fire control pocket. And with the heavy-duty, reinforced side panels, the chance of mistakes is much lower. It is still possible to mess up, but much less likely.

Everything from the AR-15, to the LR-308 DPMS, to the AR-9 can be made with one or more of 5D Tactical jig systems. The lower—or a hunk of metal as far as the federal government is concerned—can be changed into what the ATF describes as a firearm with relative ease. Each lower is held tightly in the jig to prevent any misshapes. One finished, a Lower Parts Kit and complete upper receiver are necessary to finish the project and get a functioning gun.

The Growth Upper

Last year 5D came to the conclusion that offering a complete upper receiver and parts to finish a lower receiver would benefit both the end user and the company. But they decided to do one better and make it affordable and made of quality parts. Years must have been spent to source the proper, quality parts. What resulted was a great looking and perfectly functioning system in multiple-caliber options.


When the complete upper receivers hit the market so did 5D’s pistol kits. Utilizing a polymer system from Polymer80, they have produced an American-made kit. Not just any kit, either. There are no low-grade Chinese parts. Only top-quality slides, barrels, springs, and Glock OEM parts. Providing both G19 and G17 options allows a user to be prepared both inside their home and in the field. Personally, their slides feel more comfortable and solid than a standard Glock G19 in the hand. Slight design variations make these slides unique to 5D while remaining a ubiquitous design.

Function Over Form, But Never Lacking Form

The 5D Tactical jig system, complete uppers, and proprietary Glock parts function incredibly well. Their AR complete upper receivers come in mostly .223 Wylde but they also sport 5.56 Nato and .300 Blackout. Just recently they released their own .308 slick side upper for the LR-308 DPMS platform. This seems to round out the options for almost everyone. We all know that one guy who will always want a .50 caliber AR.

And they all fire incredibly well! Smooth action and quality parts at a very decent price. Are they bottom of the bucket pricing? Certainly not, but pretty close. Are they bottom of the bucket quality? Far from it. Their quality would put other manufacturers to shame. Their M4 contoured barrel design of the AR15s also gives more “authenticity” to a hard-running design, but can easily be covered by a handguard to achieve a certain look.

Give Me Liberty or Give Me An 80% Kit

It’s a shame this industry has been moved to this point. However, if it wasn’t for the effectiveness and innovation of companies like 5D Tactical, the industry would fall much harder and much faster. Stay within the laws but also stay prepared. From 5D Tactical jigs to its complete parts kits, this company stands behind its products and manufacturing. They give options available for the DIY home-builder, the prepper, the survivalist, or the individual who wants to make a quality build from quality parts. No matter what the reason, 5D will have what is needed.


Jonathan Kilburn

Claremont, NH