What You Need to Know About 80% Lower Laws in New Jersey

A few years back, Attorney General Gurbir Grewal of New Jersey sent out demands to firearm manufacturers threatening legal action if they do not stop making and selling 80 percent receivers in his state. He promised a $10,000 fine for first offenses. In his letter, Grewal says,

As the chief law enforcement officer for New Jersey, I demand you stop selling and advertising unregistered and unserialized weapons to New Jersey residents. Should you fail to comply with this demand within 15 days, my Office will initiate legal action.”

His letter promises aggressive action against 80 percent lower manufacturers and retailers. Their goal? To completely shutter the industry in the Garden State. Unfortunately, it appears they won their argument.

It is currently illegal to build an 80% lower in New Jersey. Grewal went on to claim, “Fraud is committed because the makers do not disclose that possessing a firearm under state law as an unregistered “assault weapon” in New Jersey is a crime.

But here is the thing; an 80% lower is not a firearm. It is undoubtedly not an assault weapon. In fact, the completed AR-15 is not an “assault weapon.” The term is a misnomer used by anti-gun activists who wish to enact new laws and regulations on the industry and lawful firearm owners as a whole.

How New Jersey Shuttered Their 80% Lower Industry

After enacting a bill and threatening manufacturers with legal action, including obscene monetary fines, New Jersey successfully shuttered their 80% lower industry.

When it comes to firearms regulations, everyone wants to badmouth California. The West Coast is well-known for its overzealous firearm rulings, but they do not outright ban the sale, possession, or manufacture of 80% receivers, like New Jersey.

As such, countless companies known for their blank receivers outright stopped selling or advertising their goods and services in New Jersey. An entire industry essentially shut down overnight in the Garden State.

Is There Any Hope for 80% Lowers in New Jersey?

Sure, there is always a chance to reverse the legislation. New Jersey is an extreme case when it comes to 80% lower laws. Most other states regulate the sale, possession, and manufacture of 80% lowers or blank receivers, but they do not outright ban them altogether.

If New Jersey residents wish to purchase an 80% lower, the only hope is to vote.

80% Lower FAQs

You likely have questions about 80 percent lowers, building an AR-15, and the legalities of doing so, especially in states like New Jersey. Hopefully, we have answered the latter above.

What is an 80% Lower?

An 80 percent lower is an unfinished lower receiver that, according to the ATF, is not yet a firearm. You must complete the last 20 percent using a drill press and other specialized equipment to cut and mill key components to craft a working gun.

Are 80% Lowers Legal?

In most states, yes. There are a few states, such as New Jersey, where 80% lowers are illegal. Other states, including California, heavily regulate 80 percent receivers.

Can I Gift or Sell an 80% Lower?

No. You cannot purchase and complete an 80 percent lower with the intent to sell or give away the stripped lower receiver or completed AR-15. If you are finishing a lower and building a firearm, it is for personal use only.

If you live outside of New Jersey and wish to purchase an 80 percent lower to complete an AR-15 rifle, we have you covered!