We’re in the height of the second year of Covid-19 now. Ammo is around but price-gouged up to our eyeballs. Guns have increased in price by at least 30%. It’s a tough time to be a gun guy. Even worse if you’re just getting into the hobby and experiencing the culture for your first time. Regardless, you’re currently in the market for another gun. It should be an AR-15. Here’s why:

1. Easy to Learn and Shoot

ar-15 perfect for women

While politicians may hail the AR-15 as a scary assault rifle (AR15 stands for ArmaLite Rifle) it’s one of the easiest rifles to learn how to shoot. Why? The length of an AR-15 and its natural ergonomics make it comfortable and straightforward to hold; and even with the cheapest models, the recoil is not overwhelming. For higher-end rifles the recoil can even be similar to gas blowback airsoft rifles that are commonly used for law enforcement and military training purposes. Compared to the difficulty of learning how to shoot a handgun proficiently, the AR-15 is significantly easier. So the largest barrier for women and younger folks using an AR-15 style rifle is actually not the recoil, but the weight which can be adjusted. That brings us to modularity.

2. Modularity 

ar-15 modularity

You’ve probably guessed since we’re an 80% firearm manufacturing company, we’re pretty big on customizable options. The AR-15 is the pinnacle of customization. From aesthetic parts, to internal and external parts, performance parts, optics or accessories; the options are limitless only restricted by your wallet.

The average AR-15 can weigh about 7.5 pounds with a loaded magazine and without any accessories. If you don’t like how heavy a stock AR-15 is when it comes out of the box, you can change the handguard and barrel for lighter options. You can change out the grip and butt stock to make it more comfortable too. It will just cost you a bit extra to attain those weight savings. 

Speaking of savings, anytime you get into an expensive hobby it’s good to know if you’re going to have continual factory or aftermarket support so you’re not left out on a limb if a part breaks… Lucky for us, firearm manufacturers are continually innovating and releasing new products for the AR-15 every year. If you follow the industry online or on social media you’ll often see product releases especially this time of year when Shot Show is traditionally held.

3. Ammunition Types and Magazine Capacity

ammo compatibility for ar-15

Unlike most firearm platforms the AR-15 can accommodate a variety of calibers including the .223 Remington, 5.56 NATO, .300 Blackout, the 6.5 Grendel and the 6.8 SPC. This way, you don’t necessarily need to buy multiple guns, just change out the barrel and find the appropriate magazines for your caliber. You also won’t be limited to buying just one caliber. If that’s not your speed you can always just have multiple built out AR-15s in different calibers too.

Once you have chosen your ammunition type, you may then browse for magazines. The AR-15 accepts 10-round, 20-round, 30-round, and 40-round magazines. If you run through ammunition quickly and enjoy flexing on poors, you will be happy to know that the AR-15 also takes drum magazines.

4. Opportunity Cost

Prices are no fun these days. If you’re looking at a handgun that used to cost about $500 pre-Covid, it’s likely to cost upwards of seven to eight hundred dollars on the used market. There’s still a few stores charging reasonable prices, but finding items in stock will be tough.

Some of the most desirable handguns these days, such as the , are running for $1200 – $1800 right now (if they’re even in stock). Why not spend that money on an AR-15 instead?

5. Solution: Build an 80% Rifle 

With an 80% lower you mill out yourself, you get a say in what components your rifle consists of and won’t have to register the firearm either. Pick and choose every component from the ground up to be able to say your gun was “built, not bought.” 

If you are interested in building an 80% AR-15, we have precisely what you need and will ship directly to your door!