Just got into guns? Maybe you’ve been around guns for years, but are you familiar with the history of our gun rights? If not, read on.

This fantastic infographic below comes from Bear Creek Arsenal. While it doesn’t include the most recent news in gun rights it does highlight some must-know, key gun control regulations to date that have been passed as legislation and enforced. Everyone who owns a firearm should be aware of these past regulations of which some still apply to us today. 

These are a couple of hot ticket events that also happened recently we would’ve added to the list:

ATF Reversal Letter on Stabilizing Braces (2020)

The reason there was such a huge debacle of stabilizing braces was because the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives had previously issued a letter to SB Tactical in 2017 which allowed users to shoulder rifles and AR pistols when using a stabilizing brace. 

Then, in the fourth quarter of 2020, the ATF created an open forum on their website after suggesting they were considering to start classifying firearms as NFA firearms (Objective Factors for Classifying Weapons with “Stabilizing Braces”) which is a long, and for some citizens, an impossible task; if passed and enforced, it would have criminalized law abiding gun owners overnight making hundreds of thousands of people into felons. 

Once the period for comment on the government website had ended, tens of thousands of people had voiced their dissent and utter disdain for the idea and the ATF followed up by issuing a reversal letter of their own initial intentions. (Whew) 

Polymer 80 ATF Raid (2020)

Man was it a busy end of year for the ATF. Federal authorities raided the office of Polymer80 and a couple of other retailers in December of 2020 under the reasoning that the company was illegally manufacturing and selling firearms without background checks. 

The product in question was P80’s “Buy Build Shoot Kit” which the ATF took issue with in how the product was marketed and sold as if it was a readily functioning firearm straight out of the box. 

While Polymer 80 is technically a competitor to us, we have nothing but respect for a fellow company in our industry which is why this was such an unfortunate event. Not so long ago, the ATF’s standing was that as long as a lower receiver frame was no more than 80% complete, the agency wouldn’t designate it as a firearm which also didn’t require a serial number. Now that H.R. 8, H.R. 1446 have passed the House, and with a new assault weapons ban coming down the pipeline… Are our 80 percent days numbered?

Get ahead of the unconstitutional legislation and purchase your 80 percent lower receivers today to future proof yourself. Our lead times are getting shorter and we are working around the clock to get products shipped straight to your door sooner!

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