There’s a culture war against the Second Amendment. For a while, it felt like we were consistently losing until record gun sales in the year 2020; topping out at 39 million sales through gun shows, stores, and private transactions. If you’ve been worried about recent trends in anti-gun legislation… we’re worried too! But if there’s a massive silver lining here, it’s that with so many new first-time gun owners, it’s added that many more people to our cause. There’s a reason why there are more guns than people in the U.S.. Now, more than ever before, people are seeing and understanding how backwards thinking gun control is! What we need to do is educate ourselves so that when people are ready to come into the fold we can welcome them with knowledge, training and guidance. 

The next time someone challenges you on your belief in 2A rights consider the following as a part of your retort.

Our Roots

american revolution

“Australia and the UK all but banned guns, why can’t we?” This is something you’ll often hear when people make cases for disarming the American public. What this argument fails to include is the historical context which laid this country’s foundation unlike any other on the planet or in its history. Without guns, we might have ended up like just another abandoned colony of Britain like the many countries in Africa today. While gun confiscations were accomplished and arguably worked in Australia and the UK in reducing suicides and average firearm homicide rates, that doesn’t mean it would necessarily work in the United States. When Australia conducted their mandatory buyback program from 1996 – 1997, they confiscated about 650,000 guns. That’s a drop in the bucket compared to the 400 million plus firearms in the hands of American citizens today. Because of how much people have to lose these days (their job, social standing, electronic finances,) we have theories on how the US Government might go about slowly banning guns by forcing law abiding citizens to give them up…

At the micro-level, we think gun control marginalizes and criminalizes law abiding citizens making it difficult to own and bear arms. Criminals will have whatever they want despite regulatory laws in place. So why the political point-making farce? So politicians can garner votes.

At the macro, we don’t want to become a nation where the responsibility of our safety and accountability to continue to live and operate accordingly in a democracy to be solely held by the government. Take a look at what happened to Hong Kong. 

The Culture of Freedom

father son hunting
Father and son together hunting together. Walking the road in a forest

“Freedom isn’t free.” What does that mean? Usually, the phrase refers to the sacrifice of our servicemen and women in the military stationed across the globe asserting our influence to maintain peace as much as possible. Domestically, we’ve been struggling with political correctness and the overall problem of people not being able to accept other people. 

The anti-gunners don’t care about American representation on the international stage of the Olympics for when we compete in shooting events. They don’t care about the average citizen being able to defend themselves or their loved ones. They won’t stop to try and understand what hunting culture is like and how it’s actually the most respectful and least wasteful form of consuming animal meat. 

Buying a gun is just as patriotic as it is to vote because people fought and died for our ability to do so. When you buy a gun, it is an intentional and active participation in one of the many freedoms we get to enjoy in this country that aren’t widely available in other nations around the world. You get to choose whether that gun is for competition, for self-defense, for hunting or a display collection — whatever you want!

So if you want to take your 2A rights into your own hands and build an 80% firearm; whether it’s an AR-15, AR-10, AR-9, or even an 80% pistol frame, we can help you put that together. Customize it and build it from the ground up however you like! If you need any help, our legendary customer service team would be happy to advise you.