Given the current pressure in Washington D.C. for the administration to move forward with executive action on gun control and outright bans, it’s ironic that anti-gunners ever called us crazy for fear of our firearms being unlawfully taken away. But if we take a look at what’s happening to our neighbors up north right now it should definitely concern all gun owners in America. 

Following the Nova Scotia mass shooting in April 2020, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau immediately introduced a new proposal to ban “assault style weapons.” About a year later today, Trudeau looks to make good on that promise now that COVID-19 has slowed down a bit in North America.


Trudeau C21 gun ban
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau speaks to the media as Toronto area mayors look on on Oct. 1, 2019 in Richmond Hill, Ont.

The legislation is called C-21, “An Act to amend certain Acts and to make certain consequential amendments (firearms).” That’s what they’re calling the confiscation while emphasizing it as a buyback program. The bill itself is riddled with gaps in logic, so much that it’s hard to imagine how the Canadian government will be able to enforce this bill no less afford it once it’s passed in their Parliament.

For example, this is essentially a total ban of firearms in Canada; however, the bill allows for local municipalities to self-govern and set their own ordinances. Which means some towns may not enforce any of these new gun control laws while others may go the full extent and ban handguns completely with no regard to the option (provided by the bill) for gun owners to store their property at gun stores or ranges. 

Canadians that don’t surrender their firearms to the government will be forced to abide by a rigorous set of rules and frequent inspections to be able to keep their guns for as long as they live in the country. According to the Minister Bill Blair, he estimated the program would cost about $300 – 600 million dollars. Experts from the Fraser Institute are critical of this estimate because of its unrealistic nature. A mandatory confiscation would rack up well over a billion dollars in administrative costs and the bounties needed to pay for guns being turned in… and that’s just the first year. 

Legislation to Watch Out For in U.S.

Regardless of which country, emotion-based legislation is dangerous. When emotions run high, that is when gun grabbers use unfortunate and tragic events to pass unlawful, or unconstitutional in our case, legislation. Having just suffered another mass shooting in Colorado, we’ll be keeping an eye out for you on news of further gun control coming down the pipeline because 80 percent firearm parts are on the table right now and anti gunners would love nothing more than to finally have Biden ban them with an Executive Order. 

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