We know that it’s really hard these days to source parts for your builds, 80% or not. It seems that in lieu of once plentiful inventories we now have an abundance of shortages instead. So with that in mind we offer a potential solution for those who still want to be ballin’ on a budget.

Buy Conversion Kits! 

complete upper kits

In this case, what we’re really talking about here is complete uppers. Rather than finnicking with different triggers, needing to source another lower parts kit, finding the right buffer tube weight… why not just stick with your existing 80% AR-15 lower that you’ve already built out? After all, it only takes two pins to quickly change out a complete upper assembly. Here are our favorite complete upper kits for you to consider:

*A shorter, tactical focused setup – If you started out with a compliant 16” length AR-15 but are more interested in getting an AR pistol setup now, this is the perfect way to do that! We happen to carry a complete 10.5” upper with a 10” M-LOK rail and a 1:7 twist barrel. When buying complete uppers with us you can choose to select a muzzle device, add a bolt carrier group, charging handle and iron sights of your choice. 

A longer, precision focused setup – For those with 80% AR-10 lowers this is for you! If you’re looking to do some long distance shooting with .308 and might be going for that DMR vibe take a look at our 18” AR-308 upper which has a 15” M-LOK rail with a 1:10 twist barrel. All that would be left is a sweet optic — we recommend getting an LPVO

*A 300 Blackout Conversion Kit – Provided you live in a free state, you could really take advantage of a complete upper chambered in 300 Blackout and even throw a suppressor on it. There are benefits and limitations to 300 Blackout but for a short 80% AR build, this is pretty BA. 

CMMG’s .22LR Conversion Kit – Everyone always needs a good plinker. With ammo prices these days teasing us like cryptocurrency it might just be safer to shoot .22 more for a while! Shooting is such a perishable skill. What better way to keep that muscle memory alive and well than to use your same AR-15 setup but with .22LR rounds? An extra incentive here is that you don’t need to buy a new complete upper kit to shoot this caliber. The CMMG .22LR conversion kit that we carry includes 3 magazines and the drop-in BCG you’ll need to shoot .22LR. 

*Disclaimer: it’s up to you as the buyer to be responsible for configuring any finished rifle in accordance with your state and local laws.