To Our Community of Builders,

We wanted to provide live updates on our efforts to satisfy extraordinary demand for our 80% Products. In short, we were not prepared for 2020, and we want to give our customers a resource with live updates on their order status. 

The date next to each product shows which week of orders we are currently shipping. All orders placed prior to this date have shipped!

Pro Jigs: 8/4/2021

Billet AR-15 – Cerakote: 8/4/2021

AR-308 Lowers – Black: 8/4/2021

AR-308 Lowers – Raw: 8/9/2021

AR-9 Lowers – Black: 8/9/2021

AR-9 Lowers – Raw: 8/7/2021

AR-9 Lowers – Flat Dark Earth:8/4/2021

To Our Loyal 5D Customers: We are happy to share an update from the manufacturer of the GST-9 below. We want to reassure you that all GST-9 orders, regardless of how they are placed, are shipped first-come-first-served! All updates apply to your orders as well:


We’re excited to report that the upgrades in our injection molding process have allowed us to significantly boost our production capacity of GST-9 frames. Many of you have already received a shipping notification. We’re excited to see the acceleration in output, and it’s only getting better!

Currently, we are working to ship out the rest of the July 2020 orders for Wraith Build kits and Wraith/Casper/Shadow Slide orders made in the same time frame by 11/5/2021. Orders containing only a Black or FDE GST-9 Frame, and Jig are caught up to May 2021! If you ordered your build kit ahead of that date, we are happy to ship you your frame & jig now and will complete your shipment when your time comes up in the queue.

Orders will be filled even more quickly than previously demonstrated with higher production capacity. We will continue to release updated shipping timelines to keep you informed.

We are anxiously waiting for these updates along with you but we are excited at the progress that is being made and look forward to seeing everyone’s orders being fulfilled! Thank you for your patience and understanding

(updated 10/20/2021)

Your Order Questions

“Are you answering the phone?”

Our phones are open M-F from 11 AM- 1 PM EST! Our phone hours are limited to support increased demand and production. Please email us at

“Did You Lose My Order?”

Hasn’t happened yet to our knowledge. We’re going to send further email updates on orders as many customers have told us that not hearing from us is making them uneasy. We were trying to be mindful of sending too many emails to our customers, but we’re taking a new approach here.

“I’m sick of waiting, can I get a refund?”

Absolutely! We really wish you wouldn’t cancel, but just send an email to with the reason you are cancelling and our team will happily help you. We work hard to prioritize any change to an existing order.